Welcome to the website of public library development project Trešais tēva dēls!


An ancient Latvian folk legend tells of a father’s third son (trešais tēva dēls) who re-awakens life itself in a glass mountain, so bringing light to an entire kingdom. Now this story is being retold in a contemporary idiom. Trešais tēva dēls is a library development project, a first for Latvia, this time bringing new light and life to all of the country’s 874 municipal public libraries. Broadband wireless internet. Guaranteed free use of the internet. State-of-the-art computers. Specially trained employees. In every library, including your local one! Once basic storage space for books, soon they will be modern study centres. This will be the contribution of libraries to future development. Including yours.

Why not visit your local library and check out the new opportunities it offers!

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